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East Coast Warehouse Officially Opens

East Coast has officially opened its new interated warehouse and distribution hub on the 17th January, 2017.

Below is the news exerpt from the local daily, “The Borneo Post”, dated 17/1/2017 :

KUCHING: East Coast Freight Forwarders (S) Sdn Bhd (East Coast) expanded its warehouse services facility to cater for growing demand from local businesses.

Its business development manager Andy Tan believed there was potential for the company to tap into the growing demand by local businesses for warehousing space and inventory management services.

“The cost of establishing and operating a warehouse is prohibitive for most businesses especially without the economics of scale required to justify it,” he explained to The Borneo Post during an interview recently.

As a result, Tan shared that his company, which is an integrated logistics service provider, offers a flexible and cost-effective warehousing solution for local businesses and importers.

“We have invested in a new multi-client warehouse facility with approximately 50,000 square feet at the Demak Laut Logistics Park which we will use to store and manage inventory for businesses.

“The spacious warehouse, with raised floors and racks of up to six tiers, allow us to store inventory efficiently. We also invested in a warehouse management system which allows us to monitor and manage inventories in an efficient and accurate manner.”

Tan disclosed that the new software utilises barcode scanning to record inventory movement adding that customers can also check their inventory at the warehouse through an online system.

Besides that, the new warehouse provides for a few categories of storage; general cargo storage, air-conditioned storage, chemical storage and open yard storage.

Security-wise, he disclosed that in addition to having 24-hour guards and patrol, East Coast has installed more than 50 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to secure the facility.

Recalling from past experience, Tan shared that although inventory storage and management is a non-revenue generating activity for most businesses, it takes up a disproportionate amount of management time and expense.

By acquiring the services of East Coast, Tan noted business owners can optimise their resources by concentrating their time and capital on core revenue-generating activities such as sales and marketing.

Additionally, Tan explained that businesses will become more dynamic and able to react to changing market conditions.

“Most businesses that acquire their own assets to manage their inventory become inflexible and incapable of reacting quickly to market changes such as an increase or decrease in demand.

“By utilising our services, our customers will be able to scale their warehousing requirements and expenditure to their business requirements and not have to worry about issues such as underutilized warehouse facilities and staff.

“In other words, they will only pay for what they require,” he explained.

In addition, Tan outlined that East Coast has the resources and manpower to provide businesses with a “one-stop logistics solution” at a reasonable rate.

”As an integrated logistics service provider, we are able to provide total logistics support from point to point, from customs clearance to final delivery,” he explained.

The company also provides other logistics support services such as customs clearance, air and ocean freight (import and export), container haulage and general transportation.

East Coast is committed to providing the logistics and warehousing support local companies required to drive their businesses forward.

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