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What is LCL and FCL Export?

FCL (Full Container Load)
If an exporter has goods to accommodate in one full container load, either a 20ft or 40ft container, he books an FCL (Full Container Load) to stuff his cargo. This means that all of the cargo in that container belongs to one shipper/exporter. This is called an FCL shipment.

LCL (Less-Than Container Load)
If an exporter does not have enough cargo volume to fill up one full container load, he may choose to export via a consolidated shipment, in which one container is shared among multiple exporters. This is called an LCL or Consolidated (Console) shipment.

East Malaysian LCL exporters from Sarawak

For East Malaysian exporters from Sarawak who intend on exporting their products to overseas countries, they can do so even if they do not have enough volume to fill a whole container. The big misconception that only large manufacturers/producers can export internationally should be tossed away. With East Coast’s LCL Export Services, now everyone can export globally.

Sarawak LCL/Console Export Services

Sarawak exporters prefer moving with us because of the strength of our network, serving over 2000+ tradelanes, and reasonable pricing strategy specifically for SME’s. You get to leverage on our efficient global export routes, professional customer service team, and cost economies with our substantial export volume.

East Coast Freight Forwarders gives you multiple advantages:

  • Large LCL network globally
  • Pickup available throughout Sarawak – export from anywhere in the state (Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri)!
  • Local expertise to handle customs and compliance
  • Transshipment hubs at all major cities across the globe for faster connectivity
  • Partnerships with core carriers
  • Global network leveraged to serve tradelanes that reduce trans shipment cost and time
  • Value added services

LCL/Console Export Service from Sarawak to West Malaysia and Overseas

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