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Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

When it comes to exhibitions and trade fairs, time is of the essence. With East Coast’s specialised solution, we focus on ensuring your event’s logistics happen seamlessly from start to finish.

We are able to draw from decades of experience in the exhibition scene. Whether it be fine art, fragile 3D models, or heavy/bulky cargo, we have the technical equipment and expertise to handle whatever logistical challenges your event entails.

Our reputation as a premier exhibition logistics specialist in Kuching is affirmed in our co-operations with many established brands in this industry. 

Our scope of services related to exhibition logistics include: 

  • ATA Carnet
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Temporary storage services
  • Site Survey and arrangement
  • On-site supervisor
  • Unpacking and disposal
  • Packing/Re-packing
  • Re-export

We’d love to hear about your latest event!