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Customs Clearance

East Coast is a top licensed customs broker, acting for exporters and importers of various industries in Sarawak. Our in-house and dedicated brokerage team are stationed in the ports and air ports to ensure your consignments are cleared on time and hassle free.

With our extensive knowledge of customs clearance and documentation requirements, as well as our strong relationships with the port and customs authorities, we are able to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible so that you can avoid costly delays, fines and penalties.

Bonded Cargo Clearance

East Coast is a major logistics service provider in the Samajaya Free Industrial Zone. As such, our in-house team has extensive experience handling bonded cargo bound for and from the Samajaya Free Industrial Zone and bonded warehouses. 

AOG (Aircraft-on-ground) Clearance

In logistics, time is always of the essence and in AOG incidences, perhaps more so. As such, our team is always on-call to provide priority clearance service for AOG incidences whenever necessary.

ATA Carnet Clearance

ATA Carnet facilitates temporary imports into a foreign country and re-exportation to origin country, in each case on a duty free basis. This arrangement is ideal for situations where consignees only require importation of goods for short-term use within a destination country. Examples of usages include importation of exhibition cargo, product samples, performance and testing equipment.